Fastest Way to Get Things Done: Focus Forward

To be truly productive, it takes focus, clarity, and the ability to truly be in the moment. As we embark upon a project and its individual steps to completion, we can come across a stumbling block that stops us dead in our tracks. The fear […]

How to Get Out of that Sticky “Stuck-ness” Place and Move On

You are plodding along, on your mission, forging ahead, when all of a sudden … you step in it. You feel like your legs can’t move, you can’t breathe, and you want to run. You have just entered … the sticky stuck-ness zone. Like quicksand, […]

Your To-Do Toolbox: Is it Time to Upgrade the Tools In YOUR Kit?

  Do you find yourself missing appointments, forgetting tasks, or feeling clueless about social events? It may be time to upgrade your “existent system.”**An existent system is something that has events exist in time and space. When you put something on a calendar, or commit […]

Keep Track: Don’t Let the Little Things Fall Through the Cracks

As our lives get more connected and full of more great stuff (translation: “busier”), we can get so many good things on our plate, that little things fall by the wayside. These small tasks, errands, phone calls, or payments may not take much time or […]

Let Your Productivity Fuel Your Procrastination

Do you struggle somewhere between productivity and procrastination? You feel productive and “on a roll” with one thing, but totally avoid something else? What if you could use that productive tailwind that gets created from checking things off your to-do list to fuel those things […]

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