The Secret to Getting More Done?

The Secret to Getting More Done?

Wait for it … The secret to getting more done is to do less. Simple. If you find yourself with too much to do, it’s time to scale back and do less. It may seem counterintuitive. You may have built your life and your value […]

Are Goals Really That S.M.A.R.T.?

Last week, I recommended an e-book about goals. It led me to some thinking about the process of making goals. There are some out there who don’t believe in setting goals, such as well-known Minimalist blogger, Leo Baubata, who wrote a post entitled “the best goal […]

Fastest Way to Get Things Done: Focus Forward

To be truly productive, it takes focus, clarity, and the ability to truly be in the moment. As we embark upon a project and its individual steps to completion, we can come across a stumbling block that stops us dead in our tracks. The fear […]

How to Get Out of that Sticky “Stuck-ness” Place and Move On

You are plodding along, on your mission, forging ahead, when all of a sudden … you step in it. You feel like your legs can’t move, you can’t breathe, and you want to run. You have just entered … the sticky stuck-ness zone. Like quicksand, […]

So You Wanna Write Something

If you know it’s time to write your free Report, Download, or E-book, and you are dragging your heels, time to dig in. Think of how much better you’ll feel when it’s checked off the list. I am a Master of Productive Procrastination myself, and […]


Biggest way to save time, stress, and money? File as you go. Now, this could apply to everything in your life, not just your email inbox or your paperwork. Zenhabits and mnmlst author Leo Baubata recommends doing dishes as soon as you are done with […]

Easy Email

If you are person with multiple streams of income, or just multiple online personalities, it can be hard to keep track of multiple email addresses too. When you want to keep work, personal, group, or your business emails separate, there are several ways you can […]

Your To-Do Toolbox: Is it Time to Upgrade the Tools In YOUR Kit?

  Do you find yourself missing appointments, forgetting tasks, or feeling clueless about social events? It may be time to upgrade your “existent system.”**An existent system is something that has events exist in time and space. When you put something on a calendar, or commit […]

Keep Track: Don’t Let the Little Things Fall Through the Cracks

As our lives get more connected and full of more great stuff (translation: “busier”), we can get so many good things on our plate, that little things fall by the wayside. These small tasks, errands, phone calls, or payments may not take much time or […]

Let Your Productivity Fuel Your Procrastination

Do you struggle somewhere between productivity and procrastination? You feel productive and “on a roll” with one thing, but totally avoid something else? What if you could use that productive tailwind that gets created from checking things off your to-do list to fuel those things […]

That To-Do You’re Avoiding … Yeah, that one. Do THAT!

Rather than talk about procrastination this week, I’ll talk about moving past it. We all have at least one thing we’re avoiding or putting off. What would be the worst that could happen if you do that thing? What would be the best? Words are just […]

Take Ten!

In one of my former lives, I was a Professional Ballerina. Yes, really. I worked 6 days a week, 10 hours (or more) a day, striving for the kind of perfection that can only be achieved by perseverance, tenacity, and sheer-willed stamina. When I just […]


Are you as productive as you’d like to be?  It is such a common complaint: How can I get more done? The true challenge with this, is that time is static. You can’t stretch, or bend time. An hour is still an hour, no matter […]

putting yourself out there. what’s too much? what’s not enough?

You know you need to keep expanding your reach by tweeting, sharing to Facebook, blogging, and writing to your mailing list. How do you know how much is enough to post, and how much is TOO much? My clients often worry about finding this balance. […]

A Little Distraction = Good. A Lot of Distraction = Lost. Find Your Balance.

Cars whizzing by, a gentle breeze, and the smell of charcuterie and freshly-roasted coffee beans in the air, I am easing into the perfect amount of just enough distraction to write, and yet not too much to get distracted completely by. Writing in a white […]

stop spinning your wheels and finish something

When you juggle multiple tasks at once, bouncing back and forth, you can feel like you never accomplish anything. All the little baby steps add up eventually, but completion gives you the confidence and the motivation to move forward. Loose ends and incompletions drain your […]

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