How to Get Out of that Sticky “Stuck-ness” Place and Move On

You are plodding along, on your mission, forging ahead, when all of a sudden … you step in it. You feel like your legs can’t move, you can’t breathe, and you want to run. You have just entered … the sticky stuck-ness zone. Like quicksand, the more you resist it, the worse it gets. Complaining […]


Biggest way to save time, stress, and money? File as you go. Now, this could apply to everything in your life, not just your email inbox or your paperwork. Zenhabits and mnmlst author Leo Baubata recommends doing dishes as soon as you are done with them. Much easier to face a couple of dishes now, […]

Mental Break

Today, I found myself a victim of working harder, and not smarter. I was sequestered away in my office, with no distractions, no clutter, and the gentle hum of the air conditioner to block out any outside noise. With all of that, I found myself struggling, straining, stalling, and all of those other dreadly words […]