Get Pinned!

With the addition of new social media outlets continually coming at you, here’s one more to keep up with. 😉 Pinterest lets you create “boards”, based on topic, and then “pin” website links and pictures to go with those web links, onto each board. Your Pinterest profile then has a collection of boards, that tell […]

A Little Distraction = Good. A Lot of Distraction = Lost. Find Your Balance.

Cars whizzing by, a gentle breeze, and the smell of charcuterie and freshly-roasted coffee beans in the air, I am easing into the perfect amount of just enough distraction to write, and yet not too much to get distracted completely by. Writing in a white room, with no sound, and no stimulus can actually become […]

too many tools, not enough time?

In talking with a couple of my clients this week, I realized that I can dole out “easy” to do to done tips all day long, but when you are feeling swamped with too much to do already, it can feel daunting to try to learn one more new thing. When you are feeling busy, […]