Easy Email

If you are person with multiple streams of income, or just multiple online personalities, it can be hard to keep track of multiple email addresses too. When you want to keep work, personal, group, or your business emails separate, there are several ways you can keep your worlds streamlined, without having to check multiple places. Keeping everything synced between your computers and mobile devices is key. I have had clients tell me they had to wait until they got to the office, or got home to check an email, rather than have access to it on the go, when and where they needed that information.

Here is what I suggest:

  • If you have your own domain email addresses, have those forward to another email program. Do NOT check them only through the hosting provider’s server. If you switch hosting providers, it will be a pain in the arse to move all your emails.
  • I am a fan of gmail. It lets you add multiple accounts to a gmail account, so you can address emails from whatever email you choose, straight from one gmail account.
  • Create unique signatures for each account that you add to gmail, to keep it looking either personal, or professional, as you choose.
  • If you use gmail on your laptop or desktop, I recommend you also use that on your mobile device, so it interfaces the same way. Much easier to keep signatures straight, and you can always file and find emails the same way on all devices.
  • If you use Mail for Mac, or Outlook for PC, then make sure you can use the same types of programs on your mobile devices. Again, make sure to edit those signatures. Having the default “sent from my iPhone,” for a professional email does not have the same impact as a signature with your website, facebook page, tagline, etc …
  • To keep your worlds very separated, create separate gmail accounts. You can customize backgrounds, and open multiple tabs, so you can be logged into multiple gmail accounts at one time. I find this easier to file and organize my emails, as I can keep my workload for my clients in one gmail account, and other projects in separate email accounts. Also helps with time management to dedicate time to each gmail account.
  • File as you go. Star emails that you need to follow up on, or that you have responded to that you are waiting for a response from. Delete emails you don’t need.
  • Use a program like Instapaper to “read later,” when you receive newsletters, blogs, or articles in your inbox. I then go and have “reading time” on my iPad on my porch and peruse all the articles I want to read. This makes a magazine of sorts of all the things I am subscribed to. Try it with this newsletter!

If you need further help getting your email streamlined, or filtering it so you are the boss of your inbox, let me know.