Fastest Way to Get Things Done: Focus Forward

To be truly productive, it takes focus, clarity, and the ability to truly be in the moment. As we embark upon a project and its individual steps to completion, we can come across a stumbling block that stops us dead in our tracks.

The fear of what “might” happen, or the trauma of what has happened before can get in the way of us moving forward. Focusing on the past can halt progress, limit our confidence, and get in the way of getting things done as fast as we’d like to.

When you feel yourself dwelling on the past, acknowledge it and move on. Give it some space to be, and then do whatever it takes to let it go; Deep breaths and a quick walk do wonders for this.

When you have let go, shift your focus forward. What is the outcome you are looking for? How do you want this project to go? Who do you want to see it, etc …? Focus on that, and the little details will fall gently to the wayside, and the big picture can come into focus.

Full steam ahead. Let’s do this!

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