Get Mobile

There is a saying, “you can’t take it with you,” but these days it seems like you can. With the launch of the newest member of the Apple family, the iPad 3 today, the forces of technology are conspiring in our favor to make it easier for us to get more mobile.

To me, mobility is really about simplifying. I have had clients tell me they have to call me back because that info is at the office, on their work computer, or at home, on their hard drive. With cloud computing, it makes it possible for everything to “live” on a cloud server, so that you can access your information from all your various devices. If something crashes, or you lose your phone, all is not lost. It is automatically backed up.

I am not proposing you get yourself down to one backpack, with your laptop and two changes of clothing and hit the road — unless that is what lights you up — but I am moving toward a life myself where I can take my laptop and be able to live anywhere in the world, and still do business. My office is mobile, and I do not use paper. Rather than recommend apps or programs that can help you get mobile, as there are so many out there, I just invite you to think about the piles of paper, fileboxes, or old harddrives laying around that are preventing you from being mobile. Keep it light. Keep it simple. Keep it mobile.

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