Do you travel frequently? Seeking to break out of the box and live a life of non-conformity on the open road? How do you stay connected and manage your social media and web presence on the go?

I don’t live a 9 to 5 life. A year ago, my husband and I decided to hit the road in a 24-foot travel trailer. My biggest question before embarking on this journey was: “but how will I get online?”

My business is solely conducted online or on the phone. All I need is internet access and I’m good to go. I can work from anywhere.

The key is learning what tools you need to get online. Living in a big city, I had high-speed broadband access. I came to rely on fast speeds and no downtime. On the road, things have proved to be a bit different.

The key to my success is my Verizon MiFi HotSpot. I can link my computer to it. I have unlimited data, as long as I avoid streaming video, and then the speed slows down a bit after I reach 15gb of data per month.

I can also use my iPhone as a hotspot if need be. As long as I have good mobile phone reception I can get online.

In areas that are more remote, things may slow down. I can also use phone apps in that case, as I’m doing right now by typing this post in the WordPress app on my phone.

Stay connected no matter where you go. If you want location freedom, or to not be tethered to a desk or office, check out the mobile options available to you.