How to Get Out of that Sticky “Stuck-ness” Place and Move On

You are plodding along, on your mission, forging ahead, when all of a sudden … you step in it. You feel like your legs can’t move, you can’t breathe, and you want to run. You have just entered … the sticky stuck-ness zone.

Like quicksand, the more you resist it, the worse it gets. Complaining about it only exacerbates it. Avoiding it only makes it harder to start back up again. Freaking out about it only sends you to a list of things that are people unhealthy for you, and don’t serve to un-stick you anyway.

How do you get out of that goopy mess you’ve found yourself in? Try any combination of these, or just one, and see how you feel.

  1. Breathe and take a break. If you really want to experience breathing, try some meditation, yoga, or just 10 deep breaths. There are multiple apps that help you do so.
  2. Walk away. Get up, close your laptop, and walk away for 10 minutes. This is what they call — in the theater world — “taking a 10.”
  3. Take a stroll. Leash up your furry creature, or if you don’t have one, put on your favorite sneaks and take a brisk walk. Let the walking wash over you and you’ll return energized and with a clearer head.
  4. Call a friend. Don’t complain or dwell on the problem at hand, but talk about something else. Let them talk more about themselves and be more of the listener, so the focus is off of you and your sticky situation.
  5. Get inspired by your “tribe.” A la Seth Godin, source your community of like-minded individuals to see what they are doing to find a jumping off point. It may be as simple as referencing something they’ve done for an analogy, or to support your work, or it may just be to get inspired by seeing them out there doing it.
  6. Drink water. If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated — she says, as she feels thirsty herself, and chugs half a bottle of water — and you need to drink. Dehydration causes brain fog.
  7. Have a dance break. Put on your favorite music on Spotify and dance it out for 5 minutes. Totally inspired by Meredith Grey and Christina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy
  8. Eat something healthy. You may need calories for your brain to function. Going and going without nourishment is a depleted way to work.
  9. Laugh. Watch silly cat videos, vines, whatever it is that tickles your fancy, but laugh it out.
  10. Brainstorm. Use a brainstorming tool online to think big picture, so the little pieces can magically fall into place.

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