After you’ve spent your precious time researching, writing, proofreading, and editing, your blog post. What’s next? Are you just sitting there, waiting for your site statistics to climb, assuming that because you hit the publish button, that people would magically find what you’ve written?

Newsflash! Not gonna happen.

Without pushing your content out to social media, or your mailing list, that post may get lost in the shuffle. Yes, blog posting updates your web content and helps the search engines find your website, but if you want to target people reading your posts, you’ve got to focus on sharing it.

If you are using WordPress for your blog posts, you can set your posts up to automatically publish to social media accounts that you connect, but I do not recommend that. You may not have control over how the post shows up in different social media accounts, nor which image is pulled by that social network’s algorithms. I recommend publishing your post first, and then sharing that link to your social media channels, and selecting which image you use. Using a plugin like Yoast SEO can also let you select which image posts, or what the preview looks like.

If you are sharing on Instagram, focus on the image you are sharing. I love using Canva to create my images, as I can do it right through the phone app, and publish to Instagram right from there. Stay within your branding, and stay relevant to the style of your account on this one.

There are ways to automate getting social with your posts, but I think posting as you go is the most authentic and relevant, especially if you are posting with greater frequency.

How do YOU  go social?