Let It Be: Sometimes, Life is More Important Than Checking Off Boxes in Your To-Do List

I was talking with a friend, Life Coach, writer, and someone who just radiates positivity and joy out of his pores the other day. He asked me how I was doing. I realized I must be doing really well, as I could give myself permission to fall apart for a few days when “life happened,” and focus on the immediate, knowing my systems were in place.

Getting prepared and on top of your game, has the added benefit of giving you the room to deal with the unexpected. Last Friday evening, I heard news of a dear old friend’s sudden passing, and I crumbled. I was in shock, and upset in ways I never imagined would be possible. I saw that I had breathing room to handle a crisis, and nothing else was more important than connecting with my family, my friends, and giving myself the room to feel everything I was feeling and have all the conversations that felt important.

That email could wait. That blog could go out next week. Nothing mattered more than the moment, and the people around me. My inbox would be okay for a couple of days without me managing it. Getting and staying on top of your world gives you room to let it all go once in a while when you really need to.