Mental Break

Today, I found myself a victim of working harder, and not smarter. I was sequestered away in my office, with no distractions, no clutter, and the gentle hum of the air conditioner to block out any outside noise. With all of that, I found myself struggling, straining, stalling, and all of those other dreadly words that signal it is time to simply take a break.

Some people recommend working in 90 minute intervals for maximum effectiveness. I have been working on and streamlining my own schedule, to be the most efficient me I can be. What I found today, is that when something seems difficult, it may be because I need food, water, a walk, or simply, a mental escape.

I strolled over to my local coffee shop with its breezy outdoor patio to get cracking on my weekly tips. I somehow came across a link in an email that led me to a site for Dr. Andrew Weil, Integrative Footwear. While shopping for sensible shoes would have been just another way to use up my time, and my money, I came across a link that said, “The Labyrinth.” I knew that walking a Labyrinth is an effective relaxation and meditation tool, but why not do it online?

I came back to my work with a new perspective. Sometimes, when you look at something too closely, you can’t even see it. Take some space. Take some time. Give your tired brain a break.

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