putting yourself out there. what’s too much? what’s not enough?

You know you need to keep expanding your reach by tweeting, sharing to Facebook, blogging, and writing to your mailing list. How do you know how much is enough to post, and how much is TOO much?

My clients often worry about finding this balance. They don’t want to annoy and bombard people, but they also want to stay ahead of the curve.

Some suggestions: 
  • Consistency is key. If you say you are writing a weekly newsletter or blog, write weekly.
  • Know that people need to see something about 6 times before they sign up. They need to be reminded. Be creative and vary what you post each time though. Give it a different spin.
  • Search engines love new content. If you post at least weekly on your blog/website, this will bump up your website’s visibility.
  • Share unique content, rather than just reposting. Even if you are just sharing another person’s post, or an article you read somewhere, add your commentary to it, to avoid looking spammy.
  • A few times a week is enough. Daily is best.
  • All of the different social media networks can get overwhelming. Start with one. Post there regularly. (Some even link together, so if you post to Twitter, for example, you can have it automatically post to Facebook)
  • Avoid canned posts. Share authentically. Put your personality and style into what you post.