Revving Up Your Motor

Summer can often mean vacation, hiatus, or sabbatical. Whatever you call, it is natural to take a break in the summer months, to get some much needed relaxation and recharging. I am returning from a hiatus of a wedding that took months of planning, and was amazing, but now it is time to rev up my motor and get going again.How do you get started? Where do you begin? I recommend starting with one thing. You can pick the most difficult thing, or you can pick the smallest thing, just start! Doesn’t matter where. It will create momentum, and will make you aware of missing pieces or information needed to complete a task before you can check it off of your list.

Take a walk, and clear your head. Exercising satisfies your body, so your mind can declutter, making the next steps very clear. If I have writers’ block, I don’t find that staring at the computer will snap me out of it. I have to step away from it and get active, as that is what stirs my creative juices. (See below for another great way to get your writing going for the summer.)

Do that thing that has been nagging at the back of your closet that you’ve been avoiding. It could be what I like to call a “nervous breakdown project,” like organizing a toolbox or junk drawer, or it could be something as simple as returning an unused item to a store. Start small, and as productivity builds, and clutter clears, you will find yourself with a confidence in your ability to tackle the big stuff, as you move the minutiae out of the way.

Off to tackle some nagging errands now to make way for what’s next!

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