Scheduling Blog Posts Made Easy: CoSchedule

Wouldn’t it be great if every time you wrote a blog, it only took the push of one button to do the trick and share it to every social media site you wanted to, as well as sharing it to your blog, whenever you wanted it to. If only it were that easy …. Well, it is!

Is part of what’s stopping you from sharing your content the feeling like it’s too time consuming? Not only do you have to come up with content on a regular basis for your blog posts, but then you have to share them to multiple social media outlets too? Even if you have someone that posts your blogs for you, it would be great to make it easier on them so that you can post even more content, even more efficiently. Without a full time staff, how does anyone have time to do it all?

It can be daunting to log in to different sites to post your blog, and share to each social media outlet. Struggling with posting status updates to all your social media outlets as often as you’d like to? You know you need to get yourself sharing, but it can be so time consuming to do so. What if you could do that AND blog, all from the same place? One login, one website, one solution?

I geek out when I find something new that does something that other programs have failed to do for me and my clients. Today’s discovery was a site called CoSchedule.

It is simple to set up. You just install the CoSchedule plugin for your WordPress blog or website, so you can post blogs to go out at any time. When you sync up the CoScheduling site with your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn), you can share everything from one place! You get a calendar view of all your posts that are scheduled to go out. You can even create additional users, if there are multiple people blogging on your site, or you have someone administrating your website, blog posts, or social media. You can even sync it up with your existing Google Calendar, so everything is in one place. This is one feature I particularly love, as I am a fan of having everything in one place. If you share a google calendar with an assistant, or support team, this is a great way to see when things are actually publishing.

Anything that gives you more freedom to come up with content, and not have to post it at the same time you come up with it is the best way to automate your postings. You can come up with three blog posts, and subsequent social media updates to go along with that blog post, and set them up for dates in the future. You could be on vacation, sipping a tall, cool drink, while your social media updates. Love that!

The interface is clean, easy to read, and intuitive. Being a minimalist geek and clutter clearer, style is important to me. I want to plan and share content in one place, without getting distracted by logging into multiple social media sites. Rather than going to Facebook to post a status update, and then finding myself an hour in, looking at great dance videos or pining away at pictures of my friends’ vacations while I am working, I don’t have to get lost down that social media rabbit hole. I can make my time posting more efficient, focused, and pointed, as well as seeing everything in one place.

CoSchedule is free to start, and then is just $10 a month after a free 14-day trial. Get started now right here.

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