So You Wanna Write Something

If you know it’s time to write your free Report, Download, or E-book, and you are dragging your heels, time to dig in. Think of how much better you’ll feel when it’s checked off the list.

I am a Master of Productive Procrastination myself, and have been sitting on the notes for a new opt-in download for months. What is stopping me? Silly things like “what will I have to procrastinate when I’m done,” or, “what if they don’t like it?”

One of the most effective ways to capture subscribers through your website, is to create a FREE opt-in product. It can be up to about 15 pages, or it can be just a few. It can even be an audio or video if that works better for you. (Hint: If you want to put yourself out there in the world as a writer, do an e-book; if it’s as a speaker, do a video; etc …)

Let’s get it done together, since I am dragging my own heels, and want to support you in getting a move on too:

  • What are you just dying to share? This is that burning idea that gets you out of bed in the morning.
  • What have you written or created already that may fuel this? If you write a blog, newsletter, or have done you tube videos, I’ll bet you have juicy content in the queue, ready to draw from. No reason to re-invent yourself here.
  • Bullet it out. A technique I use when I want to know the nuts and bolts of the contents I am trying to share. Write down the bullet points to create an outline.
  • Take it easy on yourself. You are getting ready to put yourself out there in a bigger way, and that may have you feeling a bit raw and your ego a bit fragile. Give yourself breaks, take a walk, or have a green juice.