stop spinning your wheels and finish something

When you juggle multiple tasks at once, bouncing back and forth, you can feel like you never accomplish anything. All the little baby steps add up eventually, but completion gives you the confidence and the motivation to move forward. Loose ends and incompletions drain your energy, affecting everything you do.

What are some things you could easily get complete that you have been avoiding? I know what mine are, and the NOT finishing of them definitely leaves me feeling a lack of confidence around finishing other big tasks.

Also, take time to acknowledge what you HAVE done. I am revamping my website, and I looked back over old content I had written and projects I had completed. Felt good. Had me realize how far I’ve come, and that I am on track. I just need to simply finish some things.

Coming soon … a new ebook from me and a new website!

Here is a great video on productivity and something called the Zeigarnik Effect (productivity and completion begets productivity):

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