That To-Do You’re Avoiding … Yeah, that one. Do THAT!

Rather than talk about procrastination this week, I’ll talk about moving past it. We all have at least one thing we’re avoiding or putting off. What would be the worst that could happen if you do that thing? What would be the best?

Words are just words without committed action behind them. SAYING you are going to do something is nowhere near the same as actually doing it. Make a commitment and stick to it. Or better yet, stop planning, sit down and just do it. Right now. Yes, now. I bet you it doesn’t take half the work, time, or energy, that putting it off has done for you.

I am signed up for a writing course, called AutumnWrite™ with Fredi Baker, MCC, that is 6 weeks long. I took the course last year, and got so much out of it, I knew it was time to take it again to get moving on some of my writing projects. We get on the phone once a week, and there are writing exercises, prompts and discussion. What I forgot about this course, was that we would have to agree to writing EVERY DAY for the 6 week course. Wow. It can be as simple as a list, or bullet points, but that we would write daily. I guess you aren’t really a writer if you don’t actually write, eh?

As I am back in the practice of daily writing again, I find myself letting go of perfectionism, and moving past my inner and outer critics’ opinions of me. I am writing, just for the sake of writing. Forward motion. No thinking. Write first, edit later. Feels good to start making a habit of it, instead of it being one more thing I “should” be doing, but am avoiding.

And to all you perfectionists out there — yes, I’m talking to YOU.  Go easy on yourself. You may do that thing you’ve been avoiding, and you may fail. Just don’t wait until it’s “perfect” to put it out there. There can be many versions of perfect, and life is not a static decision; it is a series of choices. Don’t waiver, vacillate, or doubt yourself. Choose and choose boldly. Go for it.

Yes, this is a little “cheerleaderish” and “self-helpie” in nature today, but I am in one of those ducks in a row, fire under the arse, cliche kind of motivational moods today. I see both myself, and my clients struggling to move forward. It is so much easier when you just move forward. Don’t over-think. Don’t avoid. Just do.

What are you waiting for? I guarantee you that some people may not like what you do. It may not get the response or website “hits” you are looking for. Either ignore that, and focus on who DOES “get it,” or regroup and go for it again. Think of what the best that could happen is for a change.

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