The Power of Disconnecting

Social media can connect us, in an instant, with people thousands of miles away. Looking at pictures of their travels, or status updates can keep us connected to them, no matter the distance. Following a Twitter feed can give you moment by moment updates of an event, as it is happening, giving you access to the most current events possible. There is no excuse for not knowing what is going on in the world.All this connecting is great, but it can turn us into zombies, glued to our phones, clutching our iPads, and in general, missing out on what is in our immediate surroundings. It can seem like we need to connect to stay updated, but our present is happening exactly where we are, RIGHT NOW.I went on a camping vacation last weekend. Though the campsite had mobile service, I made a choice to disconnect — no Facebooking, status updating, or Huffington Post reading. I could take pictures and video of my trip, but that was it. I spend so much time online, in front of my computer, and I knew I needed, to reset my internal operating system, and just unplug. The smell of pinecones under my feet, the sound of a babbling brook, and the icy breeze on my face invigorated me, and made me appreciate my life at home so much more. It felt great to take care of myself that way. Returning to work after my break, I felt renewed, inspired, and energized to move forward.

Take the weekend off. I dare you!

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