The Road to Nowhere

Einstein’s supposed definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.” Today, I found myself doing just that. I was sighing, and wincing, and totally frustrated. I kept plugging away, not realizing, that what was best for me, was to just STOP. 

My dog, Little, gives me a great sense of awareness around the importance of rituals, by barking at me, wanting to go outside. I felt annoyed at his barking, not wanting to stop, because I had been working so “hard,” that I couldn’t possibly stop in the middle of it. 

I heeded his request, put on his leash, and went outside to take him for his late afternoon walk. When I got inside, I noticed how great the gentle breeze felt, how beautiful the sky was, and how great it felt to exercise. I took him on a bit longer walk than I had intended, and found my body relaxing, my mind quieting, and my anxiety releasing. On the way back, I came up with the title of this newsletter. I was on “the road to nowhere.” I wanted to be on the road to a great “somewhere,” and I was on the wrong road. 

Productivity needs to include breaks. It needs rest, hydration, relaxation, affection, laughter, and shifts in focus. When you step back, things can become clearer. If you find yourself stuck, with writers’ block, or just feeling annoyed with the process, give yourself a break. 

  • If you sit at a desk or in a chair for most of your day, take push-up, sit-up, or walk breaks. Get your blood pumping.
  • If you have to do a lot of computer work, give your eyes a rest.
  • If you feel tired, take a 20 minute nap mid-day.
  • If you feel yourself getting angry or annoyed, take a deep breath, and watch or read something that makes you laugh.
  • If you feel uninspired, do some research.

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