The Secret to Getting More Done?

The Secret to Getting More Done?

Wait for it …

The secret to getting more done is to do less. Simple.

If you find yourself with too much to do, it’s time to scale back and do less. It may seem counterintuitive. You may have built your life and your value on getting so much done and being so productive. Somewhere along the way toward living your dreams, you got convinced that more is better. More money, more stuff, more stress from managing all of the money and the stuff!

This is a time to recognize quality over quantity. More is not better. Sometimes it’s just more. No one wants more work. People want more play, more fun, more joy. The best way to access that kind of more is to do less and do it better.

What if you could let go of all the “stuff” in your life? Whether it is physical stuff, or friends, obligations, commitments that do not serve you and just leave you feeling stressed out and burnt out.

How do people’s inboxes overwhelm them? By focusing on more. Get things out of your inbox and into action. If you don’t have time, energy, or willlingness, just say “no.” Learning to say a well-placed “no” can be one of the most challenging things you can do.

What is some stuff you can let go of? What is just “more,” and not really adding value to your life? Let it go and don’t move on — not just yet. Let yourself sit in the sweet spot of nothingness.That’s where the real begins. That is where the joy starts.

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