Update and Get Rid of the “Glitches”

In the “Cult of Mac,” the beginning of fall each year spells announcement time for Apple. They announced some new products, but for those of us who are already using Apple devices, and gadgets, there is a software update.

I updated the software to the new iOS 8, and certain problems that I had been dealing with were automatically fixed.

What areas of your tech life may you be struggling with glitches? Try an update. A software update can fix bugs in programs, and make things run faster. Make sure you upgrade mobile phones, and laptops to keep your devices running as smooth as possible.

Oh, and glitches will still happen. They are machines, after all. If something goes wrong, take a deep breath, check for updates, and if its still not working, contact support. Don’t beat your head against a wall for hours doing something that someone is trained to do in 5 minutes. Go easy on yourself.

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