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I can support you from the ground up, with full remodels, or minor site revisions. Website set-up and design for WordPress, Weebly, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, and more. I can help you create a website specific to your needs, including Opt-ins, forms, videos, content, images, and more. Whether it's a new (ad)venture, or a makeover of an outdated site,I can bring you from start to finish, working with your goals and milestones along the way.  See my portfolio below. Set up a free call with me to find out more or get more information. 



Jaime Saginor Nourish Your Body

Bridget was amazing! Launching a new website felt so intimidating to me, but she held my hand through the whole process. Even when she knew what would work best, she allowed me to explore possibilities until I realized that she was right in the first place. And she did so without judgement! Since I didn't have it all figured out from the start, this took so much stress out of the process. I'm so grateful for her patience, expertise, and skill, and I'm very happy with my new site! Thank you so much Bridget!