What’s Your Palette?

When working with clients on their web presence, if they don’t yet have a logo, or have just started to envision how their business will be represented online, one of the first things I ask them about is color. Oftentimes, if you stick with colors that you love, that is a great place to start, as it will really capture the essence of who you are, and gives a great jumping off point for a color palette for a website, or a logo for your logo designer.

I recently re-did a client’s website based on the decor and style in her house. That is what really felt like her, and the more we put that into the website, the more authentic it felt to her.

What is YOUR  color? This may be different than colors that you wear, but colors evoke emotions, and give vibrance to your written words.

Here are 5 ways to determine your colors, so you can best convey them to your web and logo designers, or your business coach:

  1. Check out this great color wheel tool from Adobe, called Kuler. It picks 4 colors that go together, and adjusts as you move around the wheel.
  2. Create a pinterest board based on your favorite colors. If you love light blue, for example, just type “light blue” into the pinterest search box, and all kinds of images will pop up to jumpstart your brainstorming session.
  3. Look at palette suggestions for colors that complement one another at Design Seeds, based on colors in nature, time periods, and more …
  4. Take a look around your house. What colors have you surrounded yourself with that you can pull from?
  5. Think about what emotion you want people coming to look at your website to feel. Do you want to appeal to a corporate audience? A creative audience? Have people feel uplifted? Find out more about how colors convey emotions here at Color Wheel Pro.

I have been getting more colorful over on my own website. Take a look here.

Color helps define your style, and shapes your branding. Start where you are. What color are YOU?