When You’re Off Your Game, Get Back In

Yesterday, I got off my game …

Through a series of events out of the ordinary, I had a “rough day,” and got distracted from my purpose. In handling the immediate, I allowed the big picture to fall away. My weekly Wednesday newsletter that I am committed to having go every Wednesday, is going out today, Thursday, instead. I am back in the game.

Life throws us for loops, and creates plans for us without notifying us in advance. That is life. Sometimes, the more you take on in life, the more that can thrown at you. Having systems works great. I had not set up a system to not fail in regards to getting out my weekly newsletter. I set up reminders for bill paying, and client calls, and that works for me. That may not work for everyone. Find what works for you, and set yourself up to win the game.

There are many different types of “day planner” and scheduling apps for your smartphones, that also sync with software or websites on your computer. I recommend having something like this, so that everything is synced together on all of your devices. If you input an appointment on  your calendar, it would then go to your phone.

I prefer to use the tried and true, Google Calendar for this. Something else might work better for you. Search around on your application store, or google online calendars, and you will find many different options.

If you want to sync a scheduling program with your calendar, something like bookfresh, or acuity scheduling give you that front of office look if you have other people booking appointments with you. That way, you can input the days and times you are available, and then clients can schedule directly on your calendar, minimizing back and forth emails, phone calls, and minimizing error with confirmation emails, and email reminders a certain amount of time before an appointment to avoid cancellations.

I would love to hear what tools you are looking for specifically, or what tools you use and love for your scheduling needs.

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