Your To-Do Toolbox: Is it Time to Upgrade the Tools In YOUR Kit?


Do you find yourself missing appointments, forgetting tasks, or feeling clueless about social events? It may be time to upgrade your “existent system.”**An existent system is something that has events exist in time and space. When you put something on a calendar, or commit to a date, you are giving it room to exist. If you don’t schedule it, plan it, or register for it, it disappears in the pile of really great ideas you just didn’t write down.I am not saying there is any one method you “should” be using. Whatever works for you is best. If what you are using is not working, stop using it. Move on. Do a little research and find a new tool that does exactly what you want it to.You may even want to splurge on that $4.99 a month or so service that really automates everything for you, or has an interface that inspires you. I have been playing around with different email programs, and I find that I like to stick with the one that has the best “look,” and not just  the best functionality. I am motivated by “the pretty.”

Take stock of your “toolbox,” and take a little time today to throw out what you don’t love, and upgrade to a new tool that can do the job.***

** I first learned about the “existent system” while doing a leadership training course with Landmark Education years ago. It really got me to put things down so I wouldn’t have to remember so much, and could accomplish more.

*** This concept of tools, toolbox, etc … may or may not have been motivated by the work of my strong and handsome carpenter husband. 😉

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