Bridget Baker


Web Presence Sherpa| Productivity Hacker | Digital Nomad | Freelance Blogger |Minimalist Adventurer


Hiking through the Northern California hills with my adventure buddy, Little. (photo by my husband, David)


My mission: Be Clear. Be Simple. Be YOU!




I'm a: 

  • Minimalist Writer and Traveler at
  • Freelance blogger at,, iPEC Live Lead Play, One Idea Away, and The Brick Magazine
  • Health conscious diet hacker
  • Fitness lover
  • Former Professional Ballerina and Choreographer
  • Journalism Major
  • Former Professional Organizer/Space Planner
  • Survivor of an automobile accident
  • Sacramento Arts Commission Fellowship Winner
  • Wife to a supportive, and talented, fellow writer, who is also a fantastic chef, and carpenter (I scored!)
  • Dog Mom, a Step-Mom, and an "Aunt Bridge" to some great little minds